Montreal Workshop

Take your photography skills and your business to the next level this June with Maxine and Shellaine.

We are so excited to be in Montreal, Canada on Saturday June 9th teaching photographers how to photograph and edit newborn babies and maternity mommas!  Caitlin Lemieux  (facebook page HERE) from Montreal will be hosting us at her lovely studio in  for this intensive 1-day Newborn and Maternity Photography Workshop!

You will learn how to safely pose newborn babies into those sweet squishy positions on the beanbag and in props.  How to effectively light your little subjects to achieve gorgeous portraits that parents will swoon over, as well as nail family poses.  You will also learn techniques how to calm fussy babies and create a wonderful studio environment.  We will also be teaching our students how to gorgeously light maternity momma’s with studio lighting, with a focus on silhouette lighting.

As newborn photography has become an increasing popular these days, it is important to know how to properly and professionally take photographs of these precious little clients.  Over these two days your will learn how to safely and effectively pose, light, edit and run your business from these women who have been in the industry here in Canada for over 8 years, and training other newborn photographers for over 3!

We will begin the day discussing baby safety and going over little details that make a BIG difference during the session!  We will then be having precious newborns in the studio to demonstrate proper posing and lighting.  Students will have the opportunity to photograph each baby in a multitude of poses to use for their portfolio.  Next we will do studio lighting with a maternity model, and end the day showing students our editing workflow. Learn how to edit composites, fix newborn skin, and give your images that final polish.

BONUS! On Friday, June 8th we will be adding a bonus maternity shoot out in the great outdoors, weather permitting. Join us for a fun outdoor maternity shoot in the evening.

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