Alberta Newborn Photography Workshop

We wanted to share our latest newborn and maternity photography workshop, which was offered through the Burwell School of Photography with you!  Our workshop starts well before the weekend itself.  We are busy planning, organizing, arranging models, yummy food, childcare (for our own children), and soooo much more! It is so exciting the first morning as we get to meet all the fresh faces, who are eager to learn some new skills (and of course it is our pleasure to teach our passion to them).

For this workshop we lucked out and were able to get both a newborn boy and girl as models, along with their beautiful families.  After introductions we chat about gear, lighting, client prep, props, camera settings and safety.  We brief our students on our sets and then prepare the studio for the arrival of our clients.  We like to start with a newborn as our first session of the day.  We find it very good practice to teach our workshop with a real model, instead of just a posing doll, so that we can show students how we deal with real happenings.  Yes, we get soiled on, have to deal with fussy spells, difficult poses and many other things that pop up in a session unexpectedly. But we love being able to teach how we handle all these things in stride, and go through the flow of an actual session.

After our session and a delicious lunch, we get prepped for our maternity model to come in, our sets are very different from our newborn session so its a bit of a whirlwind.  It’s a super fun shoot, and next to our newborns, maternity is definitely a close favourite.  On the second day, we have our second newborn model come in, and we try our best to vary up the poses both on the bean bag as well as the props.  In the afternoon, we dive into editing, marketing and some business strategies.  It’s a busy, learning filled weekend, but we really love it!

If you are interested in learning how to safely pose, properly light and photograph newborn and maternity subjects you can sign up or get more information here: Burwell School of Photography

Also check out our Workshop page for a list of dates and locations of upcoming workshops!
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