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My Journey-And why I want to teach you

We all have to start somewhere. From the second that I picked up my brand new Canon 60D (my first DSLR camera) I thought that I would be able to take amazing photos. My son was 6 months old and I snapped away happily getting maybe one decent shot in a few hundred. I knew nothing about catch lights and white balance, let alone using flash properly, posing my subjects according to light, and editing my images in a software program. I will share with you the first newborn photo of my daughter that I ever did. There is nothing to be ashamed of; as I said before, we all start somewhere.

There are so many components to getting that proper newborn shot, some of these, starting even before that little subject arrives in our studio. Backing up….step one, is getting to know your camera, you must learn how to shoot in manual mode. Automatic mode is a great tool for non-photo enthusiasts. BUT, you spent a lot of money on a great camera, so use it for what its worth. Manual mode allows you to choose how you want your photos to look. Automatic mode-the camera decides for you.

Frustrated, because I really wanted to capture some “great” images of my little ones, I enrolled in a diploma Photography course through Burwell School of Photography here in Edmonton, Ab. I not only learned more about how to shoot in Manual Mode, but also, lighting, posing, and editing.  After getting a handle on shooting in manual, and adding some lights to my “home studio” I made the decision that I wanted my newfound passion to become my career.  Shortly after, Maxine and I met up and the rest has become history.

Joining up with Maxine then took me that extra step in learning not only how to photograph subjects in the best way, but also how to successfully run a business. I think speaking for the both of us, photography, as a career is not for the faint of heart. We put so much time, effort, sweat and tears into out art. Coming from both a teaching and marketing background, we really want to bring to follow photographers, a workshop that sums up what we do as artists…building and creating images with fresh little ones that capture the essence of new life. From client interaction, to preparing for a session, to safety, posing, lighting, and editing, we will be showing our students how we run our sessions from start to finish. By handling our business as a team (we also have two fantastic assistants), we find that having multiple angles to work from gives us a better dynamic; we really push each other to break free from our comfort zone.

We are looking forward to helping you be able to create the images that you envision through our Newborn Photography Workshops here in Edmonton, Alberta. We have been there; from knowing how you would like the final product to look, to being frustrated with how it actually looks. We will help you to bridge that gap, and cannot wait to watch you grow!  To enrol in our 2016 Workshops please visit:  http://www.bsop.ca/list-of-photography-classes-and-workshops-at-the-bsop/


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