The Essence of Newborn Art Workshop, Edmonton, Alberta

Join Burwell Photography School teachers and mentors Maxine and Shellaine at their beautiful downtown Edmonton, Alberta Canada studio on April 14th 2018 for a one-day intensive newborn photography workshop. You will be learning from two of Alberta’s best newborn photographers how to successfully photograph an entire newborn session complete with editing and work flow.

The day will begin with discussing baby safety, camera settings, lighting, posing and set design.  There will be two newborn models brought in and you will learn how to sooth as well as safely put them into portrait ready poses.  Once you arrive you will be greeted and then will begin going over how to prepare for your clients.  The first set of clients will arrive and you will be shown how to pose and photograph the baby (the mentors will be showing you how to properly get the baby into each pose and then teaching you their exact camera settings, where you will then have the opportunity to actually photograph the little subject).  After lunch, a second set of clients will be brought into the studio, and another session will begin.  Post-sessions you will be taught Maxine and Shellaine’s editing flow and have the opportunity to edit along side them.

This is a course designed for someone who knows how to use their camera settings on manual mode, and knows a bit about Lightroom and Photoshop.   This workshop is in it’s third year running and the students who have taken it have left feeling more confident and competent getting clients, photographing the session and delivering their final edited products.  So grab your camera, yoga attire (it will be a balmy 27 degrees!) notebooks and laptops and be prepared for a fun-filled day of intense learning!  Lunch and refreshments are provided.

Check out Maxine and Shellaine’s website for a preview of their work:

For more information and registration contact The Burwell School of Photography located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Register here:


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