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We often are asked when the best time to book newborn photos is. Babies are especially sleepy in the first three weeks of life. Ideally 8-14 days after birth is perfect. Baby has a chance to get used to feeding and it also gives parents a few days to ease into routine.

As mentioned, the key to a great newborn session is a calm, sleepy baby. The perfect recipe for an easy newborn photo shoot, is timing and a soothing environment. Our goal is to recreate a “womb” atmosphere in the studio. This is done with low light, warmth and white noise. Of course, we have a bag of tricks up our sleeve to add in!

How do I ensure that I am guaranteed a spot during the best time to book newborn photos?

Maxine and Shellaine have an expectant momma’s calendar. Once a client is booked in, their due date is recorded. Usually, babies arrive a couple weeks around their due date. Parents can contact the studio once baby has arrived to arrange their newborn session within the first couple weeks. As their team has two principal photographers, they are able to take on more expecting families within a given time period.

When is the best time to reserve my newborn session?

Many clients reserve their session in the second or third trimester. However, Maxine and Shellaine always try their best to fit in last minute sessions as well. Please Contact our team today for more information about booking your newborn photography session.

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