Contemporary Portraiture

How lovely it is to capture each individual in all her glory, showcasing the beauty of oneself.  Not until we were in front of the camera ourselves did we fully appreciate how having our own images captured in motionless silence so we could reflect upon the experience and then have a tangible memory to hold did it reach its full value.

We would be honoured to capture you in your most alluring state. Let us help you create your vision so that when you look back 5, 20, or 40 years from now, you will say “damn, that is me!” and reminisce about the time that your exquisiteness was captured.

We called upon our good friend Shannon from Blush Artistry Edmonton (, a professional hair and makeup artist to model for us, not only to give us a subject, but we also wanted her to see for herself what the ladies that she dolls up experience, and then of course be photographed by our team here at Maxine and Shellaine Photography.

Below you will see a collection of images from her Contemporary Portrait session. We are not only ecstatic to be able to offer this type of photography, but to also be able to work with Heather, Shannon, and the fabulous team over at Blush.

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