Newborn Photography Prop Ideas

Photography Floor Drops

Prop sets are a favourite in newborn photography. The key to to getting a cohesive photograph includes incorporating different textures and tones in a coordinating or complimentary colour pallet. Our experience has taught us to begin from the ground and work up. Many of our floor options are purchased from Baby Dream Backdrops. The rubber backed floor drops are one of our favourite go-to’s due to their non-slip and non-reflective features. Being able to roll up the floor drops at the end of our photography session for easy storage is yet another positive of these mats. We take into consideration the clients newborn photography questionnaire response when choosing which floor mat to use for set. Our favourites are hands-down neutral tones in brown, grey or cream since they create a natural base.

Newborn Photography Prop Options

Every photographer has their favourite props. Some are used at every newborn session, while other props collect dust and are only pulled out at special request. Photographers consider babies size, comfort, and of course safety when selecting which props to use in each session. A larger prop that would accommodate a 9 pound baby may not necessarily work for a 5 pound newborn, and vice versa. Our experience with certain props has taught us that unsettled newborns are more comfortable when handled or fussed over less. For those babies, baskets or crates where baby is swaddled and placed on their back tends to get a better result. Composite newborn photography prop ideas require an assistant as well as merging multiple images to ensure safety and comfort.

alt=heart bowl photography prop, alt=heart prop, alt=heart bowl, alt=wooden heart bowl

Photography Prop Fabrics

The final consideration when designing our newborn photography sets is prop fillers, fabrics and wraps. Using our client questionnaire to guide us, our colour choices and designs will reflect this. Soft textures and fabrics provide the base to place baby onto, while wraps, headbands or bonnets add to the final aesthetic image. Sugar Baby Photo Props is one of our favourite places for these beautiful items.

As always, our goal with creating newborn photography prop ideas stems from our wonderful clients. Please reach out and contact us to discuss your ideas for your newborn session, we would love to hear from you!

Warmly, Maxine and Shellaine

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