Newborn Photography Bean Bag Set-Up

Newborn Photography Bean Bag Set-Up

Arguably the most difficult set during a posed newborn photography shoot. This set begins with a giant firm beanbag, layered with adjustable padding and covered with a decorative blanket. The key to creating a seamless backdrop is to ensure the blanket is clamped firmly to each side of our beanbag stand. Each little client is snuggled onto this blanket and gently moved through our flow of poses. Soft fabrics with some stretch and texture give the best outcome. Our newborn studio is stocked with a variety of bean bag fabric options in many colour options.

Newborn Poses

Bum-up pose shows baby curled on the bean-bag, legs crossed and tucked, front hand placed under babies chin. Another newborn photography bean bag set is taco pose. Side pose displays baby sleeping gently. Face forward shows more of babies face. Back pose uses a wrap to secure limbs. Froggy pose is tricky and require an assistant to safely composite multiple photographs. The base blanket works as the seamless backdrop, allowing additional wraps to accent in coordinating or contrasting tones. We recommend viewing our newborn gallery to see examples.

Bean Bag Set

Safety is always the most important consideration. Timing is key to ensuring a successful newborn photography bean bag set-up. Ensuring baby is still in the sleepy phase allows us to maximize the variety of poses. You can read more about the best time to book a newborn session here. The Milky Way Photography website does a fabulous job explaining in detail some of these poses. Planning your newborn photography session is our pleasure, please contact us for more information on booking yours today!

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